Parents of Ryoma

On behalf of Ryoma and my wife, I would like to thank you and the hard working staff of Berry Tree Preschool for the good work in taking care and educating Ryoma in his early development. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate the forthrightness and integrity of Berry Tree Preschool and both my wife and I will share the great experience Ryoma has had with our friends & acquaintances.

Kevin Ng & Tanaka Yumi

Parents of Jun Man

We would like to thank every teacher and staffs of Berry Tree for their hard work and efforts during the year. Jun Man has joined the school for the K2 year and we are pleasantly surprised by his progress he made during the year. He has improved tremendously in English, Chinese languages, common sense and also his interpersonal skills. We could not believe that Jun Man speaks that much English now (we are Chinese speaking at home). We could not believe that he picked up the Chinese pinyin that proficiently in a year. In his K1 year, Jun Man has had a very long transition time in MyFirstSkool. He always cried when he went into the school in the mornings. He always asked Wendy “Mama please be the first to take me home in the afternoon”. We have not heard him saying this for once in K2. Not even once. He was always happy going to the school.

We cannot thank you enough for what you did and brought to Jun Man. The K2 experience was simply first class. Thank you! We wish the school all success.

Best regards,
Wendy / Kenneth

Parents of Hannah Lee Xin Le

We want to say ‘thank you’ to all of the wonderful teachers and staff who have taken great care of Kejing over the past years. Kejing has leaned & developed so much and she had a lot of fun along the way. We would send our son to your centre soon and we are confident that he would have a wonderful time at your centre

Yours Sincerely,
Juliana Wee

Parents of Catherine Ooi

After 2 years having my daughter studying in Berry Tree, I think I can give a pretty fair comment about this school. From the first day my daughter In N1, Teacher Amara and Yuan Laoshi provided an incredible amount of support to her with constant patience, understanding and kindness. Knowing my girl is cared for, nurtured and loved, allows me to return to work with confident. Now my girl is so excitedly look forward to go to school each day, and return home each evening singing new songs, having learned new skills and abilities, chattering about what amazing adventures she’ve had. – all of which I attribute to the tremendous and engaging staff.

Thank you Berry Tree Preschool for giving my girl a wonderful home away from home and helping her grow into such lovely little lady.


Parents of Melissa

There are plenty of choices of preschool in the neighbourhood. And we feel so lucky to make a right decision a year ago when we move house over here. Because we are blown away by how much information and exposure our daughter has already learned through the first four months. Thanks to the amazing teachers and an amazing team! We love the small size of the class and the one-on-one attention that our daughter receives. Also thanks to the great integrated curriculum which covers bilingual literacy, math, science, and even character building program which I believe the most important for children at early age. As a teacher myself, I can say that the curriculum presented to the students is top-notch! Berry Tree Preschool goes above and beyond to prepare their children for the future.


Parents of Eden

Through the 5-months in Berry Tree Preschool and watching Eden’s development, we have really gained an understanding that the early childhood years are unique. We are glad to have a great team of Berry Tree’s working staffs in giving education and caring to Eden. From Operations Manager, Principal, Teachers and Supporting Staffs are having passions to be with the children in this centre. We are happy to write this blog to express our respect and appreciation to this outstanding team.

With your excellent guidance, Eden has picked up good habits in brushing his teeth in proper way and start to prepare his spelling tests in advance and getting good scoring. We are always delighted to see a nice sticker pasted beside his spelling results in encouraging him to continue his good efforts.

We sincerely thank all staffs in Berry Tree Preschool and wish all in continuous success in contributing to Early Childhood Education.

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